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Facts:  The AeroPress was invented by a guy who made a better frisbee, it has its own world championship each year (no, really), and you can make coffee with it over a dozen different ways. Below is the simplest method, and the method we at The Cortado recommend starting with. But hey, once you get the hang of it, the sky is the limit. Cut loose, and let your freak flag fly.

First, bring your water to a boil. While the water is heating up, measure out two AeroPress scoops of coffee beans and grind them to the proper size. Put your AeroPress together with a paper filter inside the cap and place the AeroPress on top of your favorite mug. Pour a little bit of warm water in to wet the filter. Place the AeroPress funnel on top of the cup and pour in the coffee, then take out the funnel. By now your water should be boiling; pull it off the burner and let it cool for a minute. Pour in the hot water until it comes up to the top line of your AeroPress, then stir everything around briefly. Insert the plunger and press down until you hear a sound like a hiss. Taste your cup - if it's too strong, throw a little water in it. Or, if it's too strong and a buddy is nearby, split it with them and add a little water to each cup. 


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