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Kalita, Hario V60, Bee House, Ceramic

Have a Hario V60, Bee House, Kalita, or other similar pour over coffee maker? We salute you in taking the plunge on the same ceramic makers the folks at the coffee shops use. If you want to use a scale and timer to make your cup, we respect your commitment to your craft. If you are cool with a good approximation that will make a fine cup of coffee regardless of which ceramic coffee maker you use, we've got you covered.

To begin, it's worth mentioning that these guys usually are for making one cup of coffee at a time. Therefore, we're going to assume you're doing one cup. Bring a cup of water (8 oz) to a boil. Once you get it boiling, pull the water off the burner and let it sit for a minute. Place the filter inside your coffee maker, and set the coffee maker on top of your mug. Rinse the filter with a splash of water (any water will do here), let it drain, and pour out the water. Put 3-5 tablespoons of ground coffee beans in the filter, and shake it slightly to settle out the grounds. In a circular motion, pour just enough water over the grounds to get them wet. You may see some bubbling. Wait 45 seconds, then pour water in a circular motion until the filter is halfway full. Let the water drop about a half inch (basically, the width of your index finger), then fill the filter back up to halfway (again, circular motion when pouring). Repeat this process of filling and letting it drain a half inch until you're out of water, then let all the water drain through the filter. Remove the coffee maker and enjoy your cup.   

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