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Welcome to The Cortado! Here's What to Expect from Our Blog.

Hey, everybody! First off, welcome to The Cortado! We hope that the site helps to remove a little of the mystery surrounding the world of whole bean craft roasted coffee.

Since you made it to The Blog, we want to explain what to expect from this area.

We plan to feature one coffee from a roaster found on The List each week, and we plan to highlight other fun stuff, such as a great coffee scene or specific roaster, on a more ad-hoc basis. The intent of all this is just to spread the word about good roasters and fun places to grab a cup of quality coffee that you may not have heard of before.

Consider it the official co-sign of The Cortado.

We welcome you to our Community and hope that the site is able to make the world of craft roasted coffee a little more accessible. We have always found that a little bit of help can go a long way towards creating a better outcome, and to the extent we can help you pick out the best beans for your taste, find your new favorite roaster, or simply figure out what the heck a Chemex is, we are happy to be of assistance. See you around the site!

- The Cortado

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