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Best Of 2018: Top 9 Coffee Reviews

Hi, everyone! As we bring 2018 to a close, we wanted to recap our top nine coffees that we reviewed over the past calendar year. Below is our list, along with a brief description and a link to the full review. We hope that we were able to introduce you to new coffees and new roasters this year, and we look forward to continuing to showcase and promote local craft roasters in the coming year. With that said, to our countdown, and to auld lang syne!

Honorable Mention: Detour Coffee Roasters - Santa Lucia Costa Rica

Detour Coffee Roasters, from Burlington, Ontario, developed a striking Costa Rican coffee that showed flavors of dark chocolate, orange marmalade, raspberry, and cocoa nibs along with a luxurious mouthfeel. We listed it as an honorable mention due to the fact that while we posted this review in 2018, we tasted the coffee in 2017. Detour is an exceptional Canadian roaster whose El Patio roast topped our 2017 "Best Of" list, so be sure and check them out. Rating: 8.5. Full Review.

9. Passenger Coffee Roasters - San Jacinto 2017 Reserve Lot Offering

Lancaster, Pennsylvania's Passenger Coffee Roasters introduced us to a vibrant coffee that provided notes of mango, guava, dried banana chips, mandarin orange, peach, milk chocolate, black tea and orange peel. Rating: 8.5. Full Review.

8. Dogwood Coffee Co. - Luis Joaquin Lovo

Dogwood Coffee Co., from Minneapolis, created a Nicaraguan coffee that showed notes of smoke, toasted marshmallow, baking spices, melted dark chocolate, honey, and a faint berry. Rating: 8.5. Full Review.

7. Sunergos Coffee - Ethiopia Hambela