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Review #119: Rubato Coffee Lab

Name of Roaster: Rubato Coffee Lab

Location of Roaster (City, State, Country): Columbus Grove, Ohio

Type of Roast (Light, Medium, Dark): Medium Brewing Method (Drip, Chemex, AeroPress, etc.): AeroPress Time Between Purchase and Brewing (Ballpark is fine): Eight Days

Winter Hymn

Origin of Beans: Kenya/Colombia

Price: $16 (10 oz.)

Aroma: The beans provided scents of deep, rich chocolate brownie batter, ganache, devil’s food cake, and honeyed graham. The grind offered softer but brighter notes, with notes of baking spices, caramel, and potato chip mixed in with the aforementioned scents.

Flavor Profile: Arriving mid-palate and medium-bodied, the tip of the tongue livened with citrus and caramel, followed by Fuji apple, pear, sharp cocoa nibs, cinnamon stick, tart pomegranate, and an undercurrent of medium grade dark chocolate. Sides get a melange of orange, lime, and lemon peel. Finish is clean, with aromatics of chocolate cocoa.

Overall Impression (What did you think of it? Anything else we should know?): A surprisingly robust blend that takes chances rather than playing it safe, we thoroughly enjoyed Winter Hymn, as it roused us on a cold, blustery day. Fruit-forward with buoyant acidity, this is a stand-alone sipper or one to be taken with a savory item.


Origin of Beans: Gedeb, Ethiopia

Price: $18 (10 oz.)

Aroma: Scents of chocolate wafer, mixed berry jam, fruit punch, kiwi, and an undercurrent of chocolate syrup showed upon tearing open the bag. We loved the aromatics after grinding the beans, with soft chocolate cake batter, as well as muddled strawberry, raspberry, and melon, appearing.

Flavor Profile: With a low-to-mid-palate entry and austere complexion, the sip showed a mix of muddled dark fr