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Review #129: Joe Coffee

Name of Roaster: Joe Coffee

Location of Roaster (City, State, Country): New York, NY

Name of Roast: Yimi Guarnizo

Type of Roast (Light, Medium, Dark): Medium Origin of Beans: Tarqui, Huila, Colombia

Price: $15 (8 oz.) Brewing Method (Drip, Chemex, AeroPress, etc.): Chemex Time Between Purchase and Brewing (Ballpark is fine): Twenty days Aroma: Opening the bag, the coffee was bright and floral, with light fruit aromas above a grain and cocoa nib base, followed by chocolate truffle with passion fruit and soft ganache. On the grind, softer, with elderberry jam and strawberry compote. Light and dark brown sugar, raw cane sugar, fruit punch, toffee on the pour.

Flavor Profile: The coffee had a mid-palate entry and was light bodied. Notes of florals, nougat, red apple, mango, peach, and elderberry across a tight palate, almost as if the coffee has tannins, and a slightly higher acid profile. The tip of the tongue gets creamsicle, burnt orange peel, and lime zest, while the sides get baked apple, cedar, and burnt orange peel. As the coffee cools, it finds its footing, with lime zest, effervescence, bright elderflower, and aloe. The finish is clean, with remnants of the citrus and acid lingering.

Overall Impression (What did you think of it? Anything else we should know?): Part of Joe Coffee's Atlas Collection, this was a very interesting cup, although the profile didn’t hit us like the bag suggested. The coffee paired well with milk as well as pancakes with syrup. We'd recommend this coffee to those seeking a more interesting flavor profile than your everyday cup, but we also would caution that the price point is high for the size of the bag.

Final Score (1-10, with 10 being the best cup of coffee in your life): 8.0 Where to Buy: Joe Coffee

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