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Review #67: Isely Coffee Roasters

Name of Roaster: Isely Coffee Roasters Location of Roaster (City, State, Country): Ephraim, WI

Name of Roast: Kunjin Type of Roast (Light, Medium, Dark): Medium Origin of Beans: Kindeng, Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea Price: $12 (12 oz.) Brewing Method (Drip, Chemex, AeroPress, etc.): Chemex Time Between Purchase and Brewing (Ballpark is fine): Twenty Days Aroma: Opening the bag, we were greeted with rich chocolate ganache, a touch of baking spice and strawberry jam, and chocolate frosted donut. The grind brought a brightness to the aroma, with baking spice, baked potato chips, and bittersweet chocolate showing. On the pour, we noted rich light brown sugar, honey, and agave syrup.

Flavor Profile: The coffee arrived with a mid-palate entry that hung in the middle of the tongue before washing back to the front of the tongue. Medium-to-full-bodied, and viscous but buoyant, the coffee's first note was of dark chocolate in the middle of the tongue, followed by a lighter, more acidic flavor at the front of the tongue with a tea-like consistency suggesting a mix of roasted tomato and brown sugar. The sides of the tongue pick up notes of lemon and kindling. Aromatics of cedar bark and sharp dark chocolate persist on the finish.

Overall Impression (What did you think of it? Anything else we should know?): This coffee was very well-balanced and smooth, with notes that meld together harmoniously. The wood flavors provide a rustic sensibility while not overpowering the cup, reminding us of birch groves or cedar forests in the fall. The cup paired well with a savory item (we tried this with fried ham and eggs) and stood up well when mixed with milk (don't worry, we try it black at the outset). We are big fans of this roaster, as the quality to price ratio is hard to top. We strongly recommend checking them out if you are in or near Door County. Final Score (1-10, with 10 being the best cup of coffee in your life): 8.1 Where to Buy: Isely Coffee Roasters Looking to do a review of your own? Hop over to the Community and get to it!

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