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Best of 2019: Top 10 Coffee Reviews

Hi, everyone! As 2019 has come to a close, we wanted to recap our top ten coffees that we reviewed over the past calendar year. Below is our list, along with a brief description and a link to the full review. We hope that we were able to introduce you to new coffees and new roasters last year, and we look forward to continuing to showcase and promote local craft roasters in the coming year. With that said, to our countdown, and to auld lang syne!

10. Rare Bird Coffee Roasters - Los Haipes

This Falls Church, Virginia, roaster's coffee had a light-to-medium entry high on the palate, light-bodied and fruit forward, with notes of nectarine, soft raspberry, blood orange, cranberry, guava, and fruit punch, along with an undercurrent of dark chocolate. Rating: 8.4. Full Review.

9. Fazenda Camocim - Fazenda Maravilha Pedra Azul

The first entry on our year-end list from a Brazilian roaster, this coffee showed blueberry, mocha, brown sugar, toasted pecan, mango, and wet slate. Viscous and full on the tongue, while light and nimble in aromatics, this coffee was a standout. Rating; 8.4. Full Review.

8. Essence Coffee Roasters - Kenya Gititu

From Iroquois, South Dakota, this roaster crafted a Kenyan coffee showing rich, lush chocolate, soft cherry, apple, a touch of blood orange, and cranberry, along with lime and orange. Rating: 8.4. Full Review.

7. Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co. - Quirk Coffee

Delicate, with tropical notes (pineapple, papaya, creamsicle) and florals floating above a base of low-percentage dark chocolate, this coffee that a Richmond, Virginia roaster created for a boutique hotel provided a lush, creamy decadence. Rating: 8.4. Full Review.

6. Allegro Coffee Roasters - Kenya Zuri